7. Technical and Functional Design of ubcarts.ca

The design of the Arts eportfolio service was a balancing act. On one hand, we wanted a system with a low cost of ownership (build and maintain) and sustainable at current resource levels. On the other we knew that students wanted something simple but with modern, appealing design and some flexibility on design elements. We solved this with a highly customized Wordpress multiuser theme, with all the elements labelled appropriately for eportfolios.


  1. This belongs in the Marketing to Students collection because we did the design of the ubcarts.ca service in a way that we felt would make it easily marketable to students.

8. Marketing ubcarts to Students

The effort to make students aware of the service, create, and use their eportfolios can justifiably be called marketing. It is an ongoing effort to maximize student use of the ubcarts service.

9. User Adoption

We would like to report fine-grained statistics on user adoption and use. What we have right now is users' site creation date and total number of Learning Activity posts as they accumulated over time.


  1. We would like to go further and analyze the link between our marketing activities (website, email, announcements in class) to user adoption statistics.