6. Strategy for Student-Driven Eportfolio Service

Our goal was to build a free service that students could use immediately on arrival at UBC and take with them and use free forever. The foundation of the service design would be that students would recognize this as something that they own, build, and deploy as they wish. We intentionally divorced it from any particular program's use of the service.

A service provided to students, one that evidence shows is good for them, is of no value if they do not take up the opportunity and use it. We had this in mind as we designed a service and a platform that would:

  • go direct to students to persuade them of its value (marketing)
  • facilitate easy, gradual adoption (onboarding)
  • make Faculty of Arts support for the service efficient and effective, and connect to other FoA goals (sustainable value for FoA mission)
  • allow for its use in courses and programs, but not allow those programs to co-opt students' own portfolios and restrict their content or presentation (facilitation of curricular use)
  • allow for program- and Faculty-wide aggregation of student activity to demonstrate program outcomes and student career activation (aggregation)
  • appeal to students and employers as a desirable way to present student knowledge, skills, experiences, and competencies (career value)

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